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With traditional energy sources in decline, the world is increasingly turning to renewable power production.

One of the most popular types of clean, green energy is solar power. In Australia, for instance, thousands of homes are already enjoying the benefits of installing high quality solar equipment from companies such as AVIC International (

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But as with any technology, scientists and businesses are constantly looking for the next big development, to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the products on offer.

The race to take solar power to the next level is truly global, so it is no surprise that the academics currently leading the charge come from a variety of locations across the planet.

The British team

First stop on our solar power improvement journey is Oxford University, England. There, a team of scientists have formed a spin-out business with the aim of developing new photovoltaic technology.

Their objective has been to produce cheaper solar cells which are just as, if not more effective than those used in current systems.  The researchers’ work has focused on using materials called perovskites, which are cheaper to produce than current cells.

The scientists now believe that the key to successful application of pervoskites is a property referred to as the diffusion length. The diffusion length helps ensure that the correct thickness of film is used to absorb the optimum amount of sunlight.

When their work started four years ago, the perovskite based cells achieved 3% efficiency. The cells are now performing at an impressive 15%+.

Leading Australian companies which supply solar energy systems look forward to introducing these products when they come to commercial market.

Singapore solar advances

An equally progressive academic team at Nanyong Technological University in Singapore, has also committed itself to enhancing solar efficiency using perovskites.

Their work has also involved using organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials to develop more cost effective but equally efficient solar cells.

The Nanyong team have estimated that perovskite based systems could be up to five times cheaper than thin film solar cells which are currently available. This is due to efficiencies associated with the simpler solution based manufacturing method associated with the perovskite cells.

The next step in the project is to build prototype solar cell modules using pervoskite.

Berkeley brings forward cheaper solar panels

Californian scientists from Berkeley Laboratory and the University of California have also made strides in developing technology which will bring down the cost of solar panels.

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The research team’s work has focused on shifting away from the traditional silicon based cell, to a position whereby any semi-conducting material could be used.

They aim to product a new type of solar cell, called a screen-engineered field-effect photovoltaic (SFPV). This technology utilizes a tiny electric field to deliver the same doping effect as when silicon is used, but with much cheaper materials such as copper oxide.

A wide range of potential semi-conducting materials are currently being considered and assessed for their suitability, with the aim being to identify those with the greatest potential for use in low-cost, high-efficiency solar cells.

Although these developments will make a major difference to the overall cost of solar energy systems, the good news for consumers is that existing products still make great economic sense. AVIC International Renewable Energy Pty Ltd ( supplies a cost-effective high quality range of products, suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Your place in an energy-efficient world

Imagine a home which harnesses energy that is 100% free for all your daily needs. Imagine the cleanest power that has no wastage and creates no harmful by-products and releases no hazardous emissions. Imagine you and your family living a life that is as fulfilling as it is futuristic. Imagine a life where maintenance of your equipment for harnessing energy resource is minimal. Imagine being a saviour of the planet merely by keeping an eco-friendly solar-powered residence. Imagine living happily with solar accessories for homes.

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All you have to do is turn to solar technology – putting up solar panels on the roof or at any surface that catches the sun, and also choosing from an array of solar accessories for homes.

Hassle-free, maintenance-free solar accessories for homes

Installation of these solar panels is not the pain it used to be years ago. With the development of ultra-light photovoltaic film that cover the surface of the once-heavy solar panels, the load on your roof and other surfaces is much reduced. The panels are easy to cart around and put up anywhere where maximum use of sunlight can be made through the day.

Maintenance is right down to a few wipes of the surface, only once in a while, to ensure there is not dust and dirt on the surface of the panels facing the sun. And with this timely check, you can have your solar panels perform to optimum capacity year after year… until you recover all your initial outlay spent on the solar accessories for home, your accoutrements of the technological environment-friendly future.

Why solar is the future

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Using solar accessories for homes is the future because it is the cleanest source of energy which is always available and completely free. With reserves of fossil fuels fast running out, new technology has stepped up research to the extent that almost all appliances we use today can be run on the power of the sun.

Solar architecture has already been practiced for a long time. Since the earliest proper buildings were designed – either as homes or public spaces like temples or workplaces – man has tried to maximize on factors like sunlight, wind directions for better cooling and ventilation and local materials for building, which are not only less expensive to transport to the building site, but also better suited to the local climate. Modern day solar architecture incorporates sun roofs, for free daytime lighting, integrated solar panels built into the roofing so that the sun’s rays can be tapped and its inexhaustible energy exploited to run man-made machines and gadgets.

Because of the limitless supply of solar energy there is no shortage of resource when we want ready power. Solar power is efficient energy, which means there is very little wastage when the conversion to electricity takes place. Solar accessories for home comprise green technology, carbon emission is reduced and we can all breathe easier, knowing that we are not causing more damage to our delicate eco-system than necessary. Clean technology means that there is no air or water pollution as there are no spin-off products generated by converting sun power to electrical charge.

A wide range of option for your home

There were times when solar energy was used mainly to heat water for our washrooms and kitchens. Now we can use solar power in almost every electrical device that we use every day. We can plug solar energy directly to the central energy distribution system in our homes, much the way in which we add on our inverters and generators to the existing circuitry.

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This ensures power supply to where we want it. Solar generators reserve some of the power for the night time hours when direct conversion from light to electricity cannot happen. Therefore, pretty much on tap, with the throwing of a switch, we get electrical power when and where we want it with today’s solar accessories for homes.

Besides hooking up our entire homes to solar power grids, there are now choices aplenty if we want to use standalone appliances that run with the help of solar power. Solar accessories for homes now span products like all kinds of lights and fans, cooking apparatus, heating devices, solar vehicles, fridges and freezers, programmable timers, hair dryers, pressure pumps, battery chargers, voltage reducers, water heaters, emergency lanterns and much more.

Cost was a deterrent in the early years of solar technology – but not today. Research and development in this field has greatly reduced the price of solar accessories for homes. Besides this, in much of the developing world, extensive subsidies and other direct and indirect support from the government as well as contribution of the voluntary sector allow private consumers to buy solar accessories at impossibly low prices. In many parts of the world, solar panels are given away free in order to light up schools and community centres used by the economically challenged sections of society. Innovations have also cut costs down to a fifth of what they used to be.

Solar accessories for homes and, indeed, anywhere promotes green living which is the only way ahead if we are to keep our planet safe and secure for future generations.

Solar energy is our future because demand for energy is already outstripping supply. From home to business to the work place, solar companies provide options wherein you can purchase online and get the best solution as it is green, eco-friendly, and can expand to all sorts of business and applications just from the panels that trap this abundant solar energy.

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Solar is the way to go in this day because of the high demand for energy – for almost every single need we have, from home to office to work site, energy demands threaten to outstrip supply all over the world. In much of the Third World, energy comes at a premium. There is hardly the infrastructure to generate and provide energy to the teeming masses. And the masses are growing everyday – especially at places where there is no easy access to electricity. Solar energy is especially important because it is cost-free to use, and is a very clean source of energy. AVIC Solar and other companies in the solar industry produce solar equipment that can tap the abundant power of the sun.

Why solar is the future

The best reason to use solar power is that its running is virtually cost free. Second, it does not produce harmful emissions that pollute the planet. The carbon footprint of solar energy is low. Yes, there is a cost involved in setting up this technology but this expense has to be borne with a view to long term gains.

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Within a few years the cost of procuring and the setting up the solar panels would be recovered, since running the solar panels do not incur any expense.

At the end of the day, or rather a decade or less, the infrastructure would have been there, in place and ready for use – and power comes for free. Companies like AVIC have all types of solutions for energy needs in all parts of the world for people to order directly and purchase online.

Being eco-friendly will save the world

With less carbon emissions because of increased use of solar power by harnessing the abundant energy of the sun, a lot of the ecological and environmental problems of the world would be arrested.

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The world would be saved from certain collapse. Business would be able to expand as solar energy produces more and more power and solar panels generate enough useable electricity to meet all the details and needs of human life from dawn to close of day. If more and more homes and businesses do not convert to solar energy we would soon be living in a wet world indeed!

Solar companies meet the energy crisis head-on

Solar companies specialize in the supply of all kinds of equipment that produce electricity from the totally renewable resource which is solar energy – including wholesale solar panels, mounting racks and solar inverters. One such company is AVIC whose reach spans the world and one can purchase online their range of solar equipment.

With worldwide energy prices constantly rising, and environmental concerns ever present regarding the depletion of earth’s natural resources, the global race is very much on when it comes to finding the next big thing for energy production.

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Many professional companies already supply domestically accessible alternative energy products including AVIC International Renewable Energy Pty Ltd, but even more cutting edge innovations are required if global energy demand is to be met.

So with the challenge clear, let’s look at the latest developments in potential energy sources of the future.

Solar energy…from space

Solar energy is a familiar concept for many people, with millions of households already sporting their very own solar panels, including many satisfied customers of AVIC International Renewable Energy Pty Ltd.

Although securing solar energy from space sounds more radical, scientists have in fact been studying the possibility of putting solar panels into orbit since the 1970s. They realized early on that with almost constant sunlight and no cloud cover, space would be the perfect environment to generate solar energy.

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A new concept has now been developed by a former NASA engineer, which seems to overcome the practical problem of having to establish an actual power plant in space. This solution is the solar power satellite (SPS).

The SPS is a platform erected in space, but still relatively close to earth.  The platform would harvest energy from the almost constant sunlight, convert it to electricity and transmit the electricity to receivers on Earth.

Transmission could take place using lasers, but there are safety concerns about this approach. A safer option is to use low intensity microwave transmitters.

Volcanic power

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Volcanoes are another untapped source of green power. The process here involves extracting the heat from the rocks under and around volcanoes and using it to create steam to power underground electricity turbines.

Although permission has been granted to test this approach at the Newberry Volcano in Oregon, the proposed activity has been surrounded by controversy.

Campaigners against the testing say that the methodology is similar to hydraulic fracking – a controversial way of extracting shale gas. The fears are that fracking can be connected to generating earthquakes, or in this case to causing a volcano to erupt.

Project particle accelerators

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A small scale particle accelerator (like a mini-me of the large Hadron Collider in Switzerland) has been commissioned in the United Kingdom (UK).

The accelerator is powered by thorium, which although naturally occurring is in fact a radioactive substance. Estimates suggest that one ton of thorium could produce as much energy as 200 tons of uranium or 3.5million tons of coal.

Public acceptance is likely to be a problem however, as has been the case previously with nuclear energy.

AVIC International Renewable Energy Pty Ltd supplies a range of alternative energy products which do not raise concerns like nuclear energy does.

Wave power

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A more established, yet still new, type of alternative energy is wave power.  Harnessing the power of the ocean has now been proven possible and is close to market.

The UK leads the way in this area, with Scotland a particular hotbed for development. With ground-breaking test facilities and the most reliable marine energy source in Europe, the UK has the potential to be a real world leader.

Commercial viability is close and it will be lucrative. With the global market forecast to be worth as much as £50 billion by 2050, it is clear that this is an innovative technology with a sound business base.


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In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about technology, an element in life that we have grown really dependent on. This is quite an important issue, because although technology has always been an important factor in human history, recently there has been a radical and intensified development in the area that has seen to new products and solutions without alternatives. Just imagine a world without computers after society has become so dependent on them, both in social and working environments. But aside from information technology, there are thousands of other areas that have been almost irreversibly transformed by progress. Just consider having to salt your meat to preserve it instead of simply putting it inside your fridge! We can break up thinking about technology as follows:

  • The benefits of information-technology
  • Varieties of technology
  • The negative aspects of depending on technology

The plus-side of information-technology

As I already mentioned, technology has developed into an irreplaceable part of our lives. Just think about social media. Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate and share intimate moments with our friends and family. Twitter has turned upside down the way politicians and celebrities speak out to their audiences.  All these changes have been for the better, because we don’t have to wait for the morning newspaper or call our friends’ houses at an inappropriate hour to hear important news.

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Now, computers in general have seen to a great transition in the human experience. In the work place, you need them to create presentations, write up documents and e-mail colleagues around the world. At school and university, you need them for similar reasons, and with new software like Google Documents, you can even open up a document with team-members at the same time, and edit it together. Another fantastic thing about computers is video-calling. Skype has become a vital tool for millions of families in all countries, as the instantaneous way in which it allows you to contact loved ones has ultimately turned upside down the way we think about communication. I know I certainly used it on a weekly if not daily basis to contact my parents while I was studying in Europe. The number of ways in which computers have helped us is almost infinite, as it has become pivotal for entertainment purposes as well. Most of us watch movies, listen to music and even listen to the radio online.

Information technology has always fascinated me because of the amazing speed at which it moved forward. I mean, I remember just under ten years ago how excited I was to get my first mobile phone with a colour screen! Then there was one with a camera, and the unthinkable: internet on your phone. Now there are tablets, touch screens, 3-D compatible televisions and monitors: how could anyone not be amazed?

Varieties of technology

There are many other interesting sub-categories of technology, however. The word itself effectively applies to man-made instruments that facilitate the carrying out of activities.  There are thousands of other things that are considered technology that do not even require electricity, and these are objects that were often conceived a long time ago. For example, straws, drinking glasses and cutlery are all examples of technology, and although they appear mundane, they are fantastic examples of the ingenuity of the human being, an incomparable feature in any other living being.

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Electrical technological items are just as interesting. The example I mentioned earlier is the refrigerator, which allows us to store food for convenience. Another is the washing machine, which lets us was clothes in our own homes, rather than the previous alternative of either going to a well or a river. It’s really intriguing to think how dependent we have become on these things, some of which we could do without, and others which have become so ingrained in society as a whole that it would be inconceivable to no longer have available. Technology has also helped us take care of our planet more, and let me just recommend you  buy solar panels wholesale from AVIC Solar, because they offer great deals, which will save you money and help take care of the environment.

The negative aspects of depending on technology

The bad part about depending on technology is that we’re gradually becoming increasingly prone to laziness and losing our sense of working hard to achieve our goals. If a machine can do a job quicker, we question the need to do it ourselves. The scary thought is how things might be in a hundred or even two hundred years. Will those who have lost a commitment to exercise regularly be sitting all day with all chores and tasks being carried out by machines? The consequences on our evolutionary path might be severe.