Fri, 09 Dec 2016
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All of our solar power system mounting racks are made by certificated manufacturers and all the parts are tested strictly according to Australian Standards. All parts of our mounting racks are treated for outdoor use and come with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty. Please read the installation manual carefully before installation.

Various Options for Solar Power Mounting Racks

There are three styles of mounting racks inclusive of tin roof, tile roof and flat roof racks. You should choose the correct one according to the roof type of your house or warehouse.

Please also consider the wind velocity in your area before you purchase the mounting racks. Customers could find the wind details of your area from the installation guide of the Clean Energy Council’s website.

Mounting System Installation Manual
Flat Roof Adjustable Solar Mounting Racks
Tin Roof Solar Mounting Racks
Tile Roof Solar Mounting Racks
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